1. The organization of the championship

2. Events

3. Requests

4. Cars and classes

5. Points system

6. Teams

7. Participation in the championship

8. Driver registration

9. Team registration

10. Participation in the rally

11. Organizational control

12. Protests and appeals

13. Media

14. The penalties

15. Additional information

Definations used in these regulations:

"Recce" – Reconnaissance race

"NGP" - Next Generation Physics

"Plugin" – Czech production plugin, which use in RBR-UMRC


1. The organization of the championship

Championship are held on the platform of the Czech plugin.

1.1 Championship is accessible for the users of entire countries of the world and conducted at support of the committee FAU mini-rally.

1.2 Responsible persons are responsible for organization of competition. Make decision in litigions situations.

1.3 Responsible persons: Nikita Sorokin, Viktor Shapovalov.

1.4 The championship is conducted with the use of physics of NGP.

1.5 The championship consists minimum of 5 and maximum from 7 stages (rally).

1.6 The championship is considered taking place, if in him took part no less than 10 pilots.

1.7 All information about it championship of RBR UKRAINE MINI-RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP "VIRTUAL LIMAN CUP 2018" will be published on an official site Virtual Liman Cup (, and similarly on the official site of Liman Cup (

2. Events

2.1 The championship consists of 7 events (rally). Interruptions between starts make 16 days

2.2 Every events is conducted in one leg.

2.3 The date of each events is determined by the calendar. (Appendix 1 - "Calendar")

2.4 The event start at 8:00 (CET) Thursday and ends on Monday at 23:59 (CET).

2.5. Distance of every rally is a 75-100 km.

2.6. Service Area during the rally set according to the real counterpart.

2.7 Championship ship events dates can be changed according to holidays or other encountered problems. An organizer must report about it no less what 48 hours prior to the start of rally.

2.8 Reconnaissance. (Recce).

2.8.1 Every participant gets possibility reconnoiter with routes on which it will be the stage is conducted.

2.8.2 An reconnaissance begins 3 hours prior to beginning of the rally and conducted parallel with the rally.

2.8.3 Start the recce at 05:00 (CET) Thursday and ends on Monday at 23:59 (CET).

2.8.4 A participant has a right to spend an recce on any car from the list of allowed, not dependency upon that, what car he chosen in championship.

2.8.5 During the reconnaissance, speed on the special area shall not exceed an average speed of 80 km/h.

3. Requests

3.1 In the case of "flight" game while loading SS participant has the right to reach the stage through the sending request online plugin. It is let a pilot with impunity to give 1 request, second and subsequent requests is punished in obedience to p.13.3 regulation. An organizer can increase the amount of requests at the exposure of "bug" in a tournament, resulting in mass "flight" of participants. For this item, the site of the results should be a corresponding label “Did not start at SS”… only if this condition is possible to get the right to continue rally.

3.2 If the results are on the label "Did not arrive to time control on SS", the pilot has the right to reach the stage, and on this count the time SS to repeat that the pilot is obliged to send to the organizers before serving request.

3.3 If during the passage of special stages driver having problems because of the "bug" (eg crash the game after the pins on the SS Mineshaft 2), it can go the distance and ask Arrival getting a penalty 10 seconds. This pilot should send the replay to E-mail - and contact the organizer.

3.4 In case of problems that have arisen because of partial or total server failure, the management has the right to cancel the championship rally, or move it to another period of time.

3.5 Any technical problems, such as breakage of communication problems with the game, the exclusion of light, etc., incurred while participating in the rally, equal to unforeseen circumstances and east participant.

4. Cars and classes

4.1 In championship participation is settled on cars: RC2, RGT, H/B, H/A, H/4, H/2, RC3, RC4.

4.2 Cars are divided to four classes: P8 (RC2: R5, S2000 and RGT), P7 (RC2: N4 and R4) PS6 (GrpB, GrpA, Grp2 and Grp4), P5 (RC3, RC4: S1600 - R3, R2 and GrpA).

4.3 The list of valid auto cars (Appendix 2)

4.4 Before the beginning of season a car can be changed any amount of one times. After the start of the championship allowed two changes of the car. Participant is obliged to inform of change before the start of stage in the corresponding topic on the official forum ( before the stage in which, will plan to go on new cars, not later, than 48 hours prior to beginning of the stage. In other case, changing can be declined.

4.5. If on the stage less than 4 pilots started in a class, the stage in this class is considered not taking place. Starting participants get classification in a higher taking place class, the participants of class of P8 get classification only in an absolute test.

4.6. If 48 hours prior to the start of familiarize, less than 4 participants are declared in a class, they to the start of acquaintance of the stage, can change a class, this replacement will not be taken into account concordantly p 4.4 regulation.

4.7 It is forbidden to use setup of car, going beyond limitations, set in the files of physics of car which a participant comes forward on.

5. Points system

5.1. All classes in absolute offset at the end of each rally best pilots are scored as follows:
1 place --- 10 (points)
2 place --- 8 (points)
3 place --- 6 (points)
4 place --- 5 (points)
5 place --- 4 (points)
6 place – 3 (points)
7 place -- 2 (points)
8 place -- 1 (point)

5.2. Classes:

Positionnumber of pilots at the start of SD 1

5.3 Scoring occurs after inspection and approval of the results of all pilots, including penalties, if any.

5.4 Points of two pilots of the team the best results (in the class P8, P7, PS6, P5) are summarized and enlisted in common to all classes of team standings.

5.5 In case of a equality of points at the end of the season, the highest place is the pilot, who took a higher place in the last stage. In the case of new equity, compared following the best places on the last by one stage.

5.6 A pilot is considered taking part in championship, if he started no less what on two stages.

6. Teams

6.1 Each team must have a manager. The manager says the team makes changes in the composition.

6.2 The team must consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 pilots.

6.3 The team is allowed to rally in the line-up, which was fixed 48 hours prior to the start of acquaintance of rally.

6.4 Changes in the line-up of the team may be no more than 3 times of the season.

6.5 Registration of a new team is allowed throughout the season, but not later, than 72 hours prior to beginning of the last stage.

7. Participation in the championship

7.1 To participating all persons interested are assumed in a competition, satisfying the followings requirements: Presence of the correctly set game of Richard Burns Rally (Appendix 3), stable connecting to the network the internet, possibility of the regular participating in championship.

7.2 Participants must have a Czech Plugin account in the official webpage (

7.3 Participants names on Czech Plugin must be like this: SURNAME Name, NAME Surname, Surname Name. For example: BUDKO Stepan, STEPAN Budko, Budko Stepan.

7.4 Prohibited not be registered and participated in the tournament with two or more different names.

8. Driver registration

Participants registration is executed via filling a registration form in internet.

8.1 Registration links are published in official championship website.

8.2 The application must be published not later, than 48 hours prior to the start of acquaintance of the stage from which a participant plans to begin the appearances in championship.

8.3 A request on participating in championship must answer the requirements of form presented on google forms. In the case of disparity, such request will be declined.

9. Team registration

Any participant of championship has a right to declare team about creation.

9.1 Teams registration is executed via filling a registration form in internet. Registration links are published in official championship website.

9.2 Team registration can be made only during the intervals of championship events but not later than 48 hours prior to the start of acquaintance with the stage.

10. Participation in the rally

Each participant is required to participate in the rally declared when registering the vehicle.

10.1 Participation in undeclared cars disqualification at this stage. Relapse - disqualification in the championship.

10.2 Started in rally is permitted only once.

10.3 The start of the rally is considered to yield the starting position of the first SS in the rally.

10.4 A finish on SS is consider a transmission on the Czech server of results of passing of SS a participant.

10.5 Norm of time on passing of 1 SS – 30:00 minutes.

10.6 If necessary, the participation of two or more people from the same computer, participants are required to notify in advance, in the appropriate forum thread championship.

10.7 It is forbidden to use unprintable expressions in comments, including on plugin. It is also forbidden to use insults, and obscene expressions in an address other participants and organizers of championship.

11. Organizational control

11.1 In Championship not allowing cutting. The cuts are considered the reduction path along the inner radius of rotation, in which all four wheels of the car are outside the roadway.

11.2 Limits of roadway defined by the line interface textures roads and roadsides.

11.3 Cut is not considered due to the reduction path errors. In this situation, the pilot must perform after turning STOP-and-GO.

11.4 Each participant who finishes in top three in classes, must upload a replays of that stages during 48 hours after rally ends.

11.4.1 Each member shall be entitled to delay for 24 hours maximum, referring to the responsible persons with the relevant request by the end of the deadline for submission of repetitions.

11.5 All drivers must keep the repetitions within 7 days after completion of phase.

11.6 Each member has the right to check replays of any other party and in case of violation of the rules apply to organizer.

12. Protests and appeals

12.1 Any participant of championship has a right to appeal to the responsible persons with petition, appeal or request to consider the vexed question, arising up on motion championship.

12.2 The order of appeal is stipulated in the special theme "Documentation / statements, petitions, appeals", located on the official forum of championship.

12.3 The reception of appeals on vexed questions is produced during 48 hours after the publication of preliminary results of the stage on a forum.

12.4 Consideration of appeals is produced during the followings 48 hours after completion of their reception. After it the results of the stage are acknowledged final.

13. Media

13.1 Guidance Championship welcomes comments from pilots during and after stages in the relevant topics, as well as comments on the plugin.

13.2 Guidance Championship welcomes participants presenting pictures after stages in the relevant topics.

13.3 Driver who finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd in overall standings and class winners of every rally, must publish his rally comment and at least one photo within 72 hours after rally ends. In case of non-fulfillment this article – driver will be penalized according to a14.5.1 this regulation.

14. The penalties

14.1 Participation of 2 or more people from the same IP-address without notice - disqualification of these participants on stage. A relapse, disqualification of participants, is in championship, with cancellation of the personal and teams points.

14.2 Participation without registration in the championship - Disqualification of participants on stage.

14.3 Changing the vehicle without notice or untimely notification - Disqualification of participants on stage.

14.4 In the case of exposure for the pilot of cuttings away:

Cutting away is to 10 corps of car - plus 20 seconds (each cut) to overall result.

Cutting away is more than 10 corps of car - event result disqualification.

14.5 Ignore of replay uploading - 60 seconds for each stages.

14.5.1 Did not comply to a13.3 this regulation – warning. Multiple violation - +30 seconds to event results.

14.6 Disrespect, aggression, offence for other participants – disqualification on event.

14.7 Multiple violation of a14.6 – disqualification on championship.

14.8 In the case of exceeding of middle speed at an acquaintance a fine is charged extra - plus 20 seconds for every set violation.

14.9 Each participant has the right to appeal against the fine, which automatically enrolled plugin. In this case, it should give the replay of the special stages and other files on demand on E-mail - Requests for removal of fine shall be published in the forum topic "Documentation / statements, petitions, appeals".

15. Additional information

15.1 Regulations can be change at any time by the organizer, but must report about it not later what 48 hours prior to beginning of rally.

15.2 The organizer reserves the option to change all the circumstances of the championship at any time during the RBR UKRAINE MINI-RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP "VIRTUAL LIMANS CUP 2018" season. Created: 14-02-2018
Published: 14-02-2018
Updated: 14-02-2018

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